About Memelas: Tacos and Thai Fusion

The Story Behind Memelas

Memelas: Tacos, Thai and Rock opened its doors on November 11, 2011. Since day one, we have strived to provide an easy formula, the best service and the best food. We are 100% family owned, and you will see the family involved in every aspect of the day to day activities. What is a Memela? It's a traditional Mexican and Central American food wich resembles a really big open taco. It's corn, with our fresh ingredients on top, try them out, they are awesome!

Memelas is Mex and Thai Fusion

The fusion? We have various theories which in turn can be considered an explanation, but the easy answer to that question is, it just happened. Walk in the door of Memelas and encounter a mix of Mexican food, Thai food, and Rock & Roll. If you feel like eating Mex or Thai, your only problem will be deciding which to go with, as we have a full menu which includes appetizers, soups, salads and entrees. The fusion can be achieved anywhere! Add some of our Thai peanut sauce to your tacos, Burros or Tortas. How about some Thai curry? Mex salsa verde on your Pad Thai? Endless possibilities and a world of flavor awaits.

We Make It Fresh and Healthy!

There is nothing worst than frozen veggies, frozen meats, frozen products. As we get ready for another day at work, the stove boils the tomatoes which will in turn become fresh hand-made, family-recipe-salsas. Next to the tomatoes, ingredients get mixed for the creation of our delicious peanut sauce. In the back, avocados get cut, peeled and mashed for our guacamole, and fresh vegetables are arranged for on the spot when-you-order cooking. It's pretty simple really, the food is just better when it's fresh. Oh, we almost forgot to mention, no lard in our beans, we watch our cholesterol too!

It's All Handmade!

Why bother buying canned products with lots of preservatives when we can just make it ourselves in a healthier way. Our corn tortillas will always be made on the spot, our salsas are prepared every morning, and all of our plates are made when you order. No, it's not on a container heated waiting for you to order. We also make our own Mex horchata and jamaica aguas frescas and our Thai Tea, try them out if your thirst is asking for refreshing taste.

In a Hurry?

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Contact Us

Memelas is located at:

3001 Bonita Rd

Chula Vista, CA 91902

Phone Number

(619) 498 - 1318